Timeline: The Mariachi Miracle



Pre-editing – Now through end of January, 2018


Final interviews and filming

Travel to key story tellers

Interview transcription

Pouring through materials to make sure key elements all there

Gathering of photos for key story tellers

Research on historic clips, photos, other media

Mapping out festivals, funding sources


Editing Phase – early February – end April 2018


Reading through all interviews

Selecting key topics

Creating a rough story line

Designing the overall flow

Creating a trailer

Using the trailer to refine and consolidate ideas


Questions for that time:

Have questions come up? Are there elements that need to be better defined?

If so, additional interviews.


Beginning official edit process.

Lay down the spoken story line.

Refine story line.

Bring in second editor. Review work so far. Revise.

Add b-roll (footage that illustrates what is being said), still imagery, music

Add graphics

Massage elements.



Questions for that time:

What are the Musical and visual copyright issues as one approaches a final product? How are they resolved? Any loose ends? Are all release forms on hand for every element?



First sneak previews with small audience of rough cut

Peer review

Final edits after public and peer input


Post production – April to June, 2018


Fix all audio

Color correction

Final adjustments

Formatting for film distribution



Gearing up for festivals – May to June 2018



Entering film festivals

Hiring promotion team for film

Creating publicity materials

Double checking all legal details

Immersion Spanish


Work on book – June to September 2018


Re-reading transcripts

Outlining book

First draft of book

Editing book

Publishing and distribution


Applying to PBS for sub films (hour long sub-topic documentaries)


Film and book festivals and other promotion – September 2018 through spring 2019


Film festivals

Finding film distribution


Mariachi Festivals

Book festivals

Education outlets


Book signings

Art house screenings


Use momentum of the film to gauge interest in, seek funding for, a follow-up series documenting impact of youth mariachis and folklórico dance programs around US and Mexico.







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